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The Babes Behind The Brand

The babes who helped me create Salty Kids Adventures Co… I’m a mama of 6 And I created this brand with my own mom for my 4 autistic babes. I didn’t know my kids had autism until my 3rd child Liam he is 5 now and he was diagnosed as non verbal after seeing his signs and learning about autism I decided to have MacKenna (9) and Kamden (7) tested and sure enough they were diagnosed with ASD . We couldn’t figure out why there was all these sensitivities with them and finding clothing was really hard but I autism explained the whole thing after knowing this my mother and I decided to open a shop that could help meet children with ASD sensitivities. I then had Ryder ,Milo ,and Taytum, Milo my 5th babe was then diagnosed with non verbal Autism…. This ride has been a journey it’s taught me the highest and it’s taught me the lows but ONE thing I know is that I would not change this for the world I was meant to be an ASD mom